compost worm farm system.

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    Firstly I discovered the copywrite and trademark processes used by google interfered with me making this post. It kept disappearing! Nor could I put the product name in the title of this thread.
    I used google to search this product to get good links so I do hope it stays live and doesn't get pulled down for some stupid reason.
    No, I didn't attempt to get permission to post these links because I'm not profiting in anyway nor is Mark at this point.
    If he chooses to become connected with this product, this post may disappear!
    As it stands, all I am doing is providing good community information about a good product.
    It would be a pity if their overly aggressive trademark processes got in the way of disseminating information about a really good Aussie designed product.

    I have no association with this group but I felt this product was worthy of posting on this forum.
    Perhaps Mark can do further investigation for us? Perhaps run an extended competition with one of these as the prize? Extended because it will be a while before they are available to ship Australia wide.

    It's made from 50% recycled plastic (50% so it remains strong enough for Aussie conditions) and has been designed locally in Byron bay NSW.

    Its still in crowdfunding stage at Indiegogo although they've begun shipping prototypes locally for the pre-orders due to being 300x oversubscribed.
    So right now you have to go to Byron to get one or live around northern NSW mostly to get one mailed to you. I think they've been caught short by the immense interest and didn't have enough prototypes ready. So the first manufacturing run will hopefully fix that and maybe bring the price down as well.

    Its only downside is its a bit expensive for what it is so I think over time once they iron out the glitches during the first few runs of manufacturing, it will become far more realistically priced and even better designed.
    I like the fact they set out to design a product that was vermin proof. They've really thought of everything.

    I immediately saw the likeness to a collapsible plastic crate available at all elcheapo stores but you would need to add fine mesh inside to stop mice and rats. But you still need to allow worms to come and go through the mesh and you don't want it to rot in the ground or collapse if you sat on it. So those are reasons why this product is the price it is, no doubt.

    I see they have a big trial in SriLanka processing waste from a large resort which if reading between the lines might include human waste. Now that would be an interesting method of processing composting toilet material (not to grow food of course).

    The website front page has a drop down menu top left with a substantial Q&A section which provided me with many answers.
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