Chicken Hawk!


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Sep 6, 2022
Temperate (all seasons)
Devestated! Giant chicken hawk got my Greesy! She was sweet and never hurt anyone! I ran out but she was dead, he was standing over her and I chased him off he flew off in the tree my uncle shot the 22 but missed him then he came back and tried to get my gray girl she fought him off until I got there and chased him off!
Everyone is safe now...RIP Greesy, you died so the flock could survive.
Chicken Hawk!
Thank you for your kind words we called her greasy because she had that smudge of gray feathers on her head it looked like she was crawling around underneath the car or the tractor....
I wish my uncle had got that bird too although it is illegal to shoot Birds of Prey in the US we at least chased him off!
This is gray girl she's the one who fought him off she's amazing


  • Chicken Hawk!
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Poor girl...
At least your other chooks are safe now, you chased him off. That girl looks feisty, haha! She wasn't going without a fight!
She is amazing! Easter Egger...looks like a hawk herself! Pls pray they all get along! They are all back in the coop together after healing Betty's bloody tail and Miss Gray's worm issue
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