Cheedar jalapeno loaf


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Oct 22, 2020
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Ok first off this is not the recipe i was looking for but was a note card i had written myself as i made it so this is just the basic recipe and i cannot remember if i adjust things after this. major note the type of flour you use can and will affect the liquid needed be is a white or whole grain flour , or different areas grow different variety and one simple different affect bread outcome and that is was the wheat flour from 2 row or 6 row wheat, was it a summer or winter wheat they all affect the gluten content which affect how bread pastry and cakes all react and how it is classified all purpose - bread -or cake flour

#1 the cheedar jalapeno loaf i make i form as a round loaf and bake on a bread stone and same as i do for my piazza's i use two stones one to place loaf on lightly dusted with flour and a second on on a rack about 6 to 8 inches above the other this is only to balance out the heat in ovens as most only have a single element or burner at bottom ( raise or lower as need so as not to over bake top of bread and cause it to not raise ), i use a shallow pain in the bottom of over with water in it.

proof yeast
1 Tsp sugar
1 cup water
4 cups flour
1 3/4 Tbl salt
1 Tbl sugar
1 egg
1 cup milk
2 to 2 1/2 cups freshly grated cheedar or pepper jack cheese ( i prefer a mix mild and sharp cheese )
1 to 1 1/2 cup diced or sliced and halved hot peppers

Proof yeast, mix dry ingredients , whisk egg - add proofed yeast and milk and mix thoroughly. mix into dry ingredients, during last couple minutes of kneed fold in pepper and cheese
DON'T over work after added to the dough, adjust water or flour to dough before adding cheese and pepper
Not everyone can make a consistent bread dough as you kneed the dough it wants a slight tacky feel not dry or sticky feel, adjust too sticky or too dry with a light pressing
dough flat like a large pancake and sift a dusting of flour or sprinkle a few drops at time on dough, fold and kneed a few rimes and check again

kneed 8 to 10 minutes punch out and pull fold style
allow to rest for 10 minute
knead it down 30 to 45 seconds to reduce volume
cover and keep outside moist and let raise until doubled in size ( aprox 1 to 1 1/2 hrs )
Punch down you can split into two loaves if prefer and place into 2 bread greased and floured pans OR for one large loaf make an X across top

place shallow large baking pan in bottom of over add water at least 1/2 ( check water level as bread bakes )
pre-heat over including baking stones to 375
Two loaves in bread pans 375 aprox 25-35
Single loaf on bread stone 375 aprox 40 to 45 minutes (dust baking stone with light coat of dry flour before placing loaf on it )

you can add a festive look after baking a milk wash sprinkle parma cheese - dill - parsley or herb of choice on top add bits of fine sliced pepper on top and pop back in oven to give them that finished baked in look
What brand of flour did you use? :)
I use all purpose most times and adjust the water to flour amount as well as the kneed the rests times and the two most available brand names here are gold medal or king arthurs, but if you are used to using bread flour stay with it just adjust water to flout ratio for the proper feel to dough.

There is a trick its call window pane test , tear off a chunk of dough and stretch it between your fingers forming in affect a rectangle like a pane of glass. If the dough tears, you haven’t developed enough gluten and it needs more kneading. If it stretches without breaking, making a windowpane of sorts, you’re done and you can let the dough rest there are numerous guides to tell how to do it and videos in youtube this sample test also helps so you do not over kneed dough and result in a tough heavy overly chewy bread.

Be aware scooped or sifted flour ....scooping direct from bag or sifting then measure out make massive difference all purpose scooped can weight out upwards to 145 gram sift at 125 gram i always sift and measure and a bread flour is also considerably lighter then all purpose scooped maybe 120 to 125 gram and sifted 110 to 115 gram

Regardless which flour you use stay consistent with type and brand of flour , it all getting the feel for the dough how it feels tacky dry sticky, does it kneed easy soft pliable or feel hard firm kneeding like play dough, bread making is an art in itself and not something some can master. Even at point of baking moisture content gluten and amount of yeast can all affect how it back and finishes.
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