Tip Cheap cord forever?


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Mar 26, 2015
Just came across this and thought it was a neat idea, free cord from old softdrink bottles....not that any of us healthy types drink soft drink of course but I'm sure you could get some from the neighbours?

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Jun 5, 2013
Brisbane Australia
Don't get me started on whipper snipper cord....I should have shares in the companies that make that stuff. I've been sold crap quality, wrong size, stuff that jams, stuff that wears out like a piece of wet spaghetti! And of course you don't know what you've bought until you try it and then you can't take it back. I'm looking to go a solid blade if my latest purchase doesn't hold up.
Maybe my technique is all wrong but I doubt it, I put it down to bad advice from Bunnings staff!
Rant over, bourbon time! :cheers: