Question Can apples grow in part shade?


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Jul 16, 2018
I want to plant two apples next to my house... they will be espaliered against the wall of the house along the driveway.
That side of the house is full shade in late Autumn to mid spring then it will be in full sun the rest of the year.
I was told that because the tree has no leaves it does not need direct sun during that time. Also the full shade will give it cool temperatures and that is good because I'm in the Bundaberg area.

Any opinions would be helpful as I've had trouble finding out if this is correct.

I have limited space for trees, because of the septic system I have underground pipes for the leach fields for evaporation.... not like Mark's where he can move a hose....
It never even occurred to me that it might be a possibility but I was watching Laura from Garden Answer and she mentioned planting sun loving tree in shade but then explained in summer it would have full sun.... she then basically said what the first answer said in that link... made sense because many places get no sun in Winter... all clouds and rain.. those trees still thrive.

Thanks for that link. I might try them for a year or two. They will be in bottomless pots so I can actually move them easily in their first two years before they root into the ground seriously.
I also found this blog post.

Plant the tree in the right sunlight for its active growing period. ...

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