Cabbage walking stick seed

Tash Hender

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Feb 7, 2020
Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well.

My pop is looking for some Cabbage walking stick seeds. I have looked online but everyone is either out of stock or not currently taking orders. I was hoping someone on here might have some I can buy or know somewhere that would have them. I'm located in Brisbane Qld and my pop is in Wonthaggi Vic.

Thank you, I didn't even think to check ebay lol
Hi Tash, try the permaculture seed saving groups.
If they don't have any close by you will be able to get contact details of a group further away that does have it.
I think that plant is one that you will only get via a seed saver group.
If you are a member of a permaculture group you can get a small advert placed in several of the group newsletters say up the east coast of Australia, to ask for seed.
The other people you might try if you haven't already is Green Harvest at Maleny who do seem to have locally grown unusual plants.
Hi Tash
Charlies fruit shop in Everton Park, North Brisbane have packets of seeds. The packet has a cute little boy holding the stick with the cabbage above his head. I'm happy to buy a packet for you and post it. Can you eat the cabbage? The packet explained that the stick is the best for making walking sticks! I bought some asparagus pea seeds- 3 sided pods- from them and planted them this morning. They have a few unusual seed packets like gourds which is llovely to see. Let me know, Claire.
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