Tip Bunnings - Never visit on a Saturday morning


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May 27, 2012
Bellmere, QLD
Note to self and a tip for anyone in Australia who shops at the big plant/hardware store Bunnings: never go there on a Saturday morning unless you really have to because it's crazy with people everywhere who mostly don't know what they're looking for :)

Unfortunately, what makes the experience even worse is the piles of product yet to be shelved littering the lanes causing grid lock as trolley pushing numpties fail to navigate their loaded stash of packaged garden soil through the minefield of garden gadgets, out of season seedling trays, ignorant middle-aged men, and tiny children...

The best times to visit Bunnings Warehouse is on a Tues, Wed, or Thurs when there are much less people plus the demographic is also better with experienced diyers, tradies, and staff restocking the shelves. Yes, you may come across retirees (usually in a false hurry) but they're easily avoided.
:ROFL: So true.
It's no different in Masters, and we can only guess what their future is in Toowoomba - they capitalised quite well on the real estate, far removed from the Mitre 10 and Bunnings stores. But as for the 'distractions' in the store I have to agree the more I think about it. I do find going to a store on my lunch break is more productive than spending weekend time at the local hardware store... I often get this kind of a look from customer service people when asking for pretty standard hardware materials like grafting tape or a three-quarter turn ceramic basin tap: :shock:
Off topic, but I wonder what will become of Masters now that Bunnings has beaten it black and blue?

Apparently there will be massive sales with drastically reduced prices.
So for those who have one nearby keep a lookout for the sales ads.
Well I think they are the best priced lunch in town & for a good cause to boot.
It's about the only take away I can afford these days! One snag with the works & a can of orange.
A deliciously satisfying feed of grease, sugar & refined carbs all in a cheap package for a worthy cause- what more could you ask for?! :p
I've just been to Bunnings Noosaville today. I expected a truck load of people since they advertised free classes & activities as well as the usual snag sizzle.
Well there were almost no people & only a skeleton staff which was a little frustrating because I had to wait 10mins for service in the paint section.
Other than not being able to find someone to ask about stuff (which caused me to ask 2 men about some copper pipe fittings :faint:), my overall visit was pleasant enough.
As I getting close to leaving it started bucketing down which made me wait more than 30mins.
So I got a snag & drink & sat to wait out the heavy rain.
Pity it didn't rain that hard at home! Not a drop had fallen here. :(
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Yeah it was nice to see some rain here finally.

I went to Bunnings again also :) thankfully it wasn't very busy - happy Australia Day for me...
Good stuff. Our Bunnings is a little further out of town for us so Masters became our local hardware/gardening store. They are a cookie-cutter style retailer so I do prefer our Mitre 10 for service and niche products but Masters do well on price (for most common things).

They are probably going to slowly fizzle out but as far as the staff there are concerned it's 'business as usual'. We know what that really means... :cantsay:
Hee hee I had a chuckle when I read this post Mark. Totally agree, we avoid Bunnings on the weekend as much as possible. Hubby much prefers to go at night during the week, hardly anyone there.

Masters we find is a lot quieter than Bunnings, it doesn't seem to matter what time of day we go there. Sunday's with the markets in the car park is a bit busier. So many times we walk in and walk out with nothing, they just don't seem to stock the stuff we need. Bunnings on the other hand I think we need shares in that place. :D
So many times we walk in and walk out with nothing, they just don't seem to stock the stuff we need.
Yep, probably why they are going down the tubes...

The move into white goods was a tactical disaster for a start.
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