Budgerigars near Pomona!

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    I know its dry, but............I had no idea it is this dry all across Queensland!

    Late yesterday arvo just on dusk I heard this growing cheeping noise from the sky sounding like a 1000 baby chicks flying over. But they didn't seem to be going anywhere.
    I ran to get my binoculars but it was just dark enough that I could only see their dark underside against the slightly paler sky.

    I listened to this cheeping for a couple minutes, running through all the birds I knew that were small, had short wings, chirped continuously as they flew, might be migrating past this area at this time of year. Nothing came to mind.

    But I knew I had heard this bird before. Slowly it dawned on me this had to be a flock of about 500 budgerigars trying to find somewhere to roost for the night. They flew round & round the top of my ridge, down into the valley towards a large gun tree then back into the sky all going every which way.

    Then they finally decided on a tree, settled & all sound stopped instantly! They had cut it very fine to find a roosting tree by dark hundred! I think they may have been a little lost & certainly well out of their comfort zone here near the coast.

    I just wish they had come by a little earlier so I could take a photo & follow them to their roosting tree.
    They would have been gone by first light this morning. I hope they found safe water & something to eat. The land holders around here are not the bird food friendly types. They slash their paddocks to stop grass growing & seeding.

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