Breeding ER Rabbit Kindling Soon


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May 25, 2023
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I’m so excited!!!! I keep rabbits for fertilizer, meat, and pelts for rugs. Well that was the plan but the first litter all 3 passed. I have done my research to prepare for hand raising the females. I have a lot of homesteaders relying on me for this fertilizer and meat. I HAVE to have more does ready for breeding in November or I’ll have no meat for anyones freezers this year. I’m stressed but optimistic. Wish me luck! I’ve gotta help some people stretch their government assistance and do what I can to lift some people out of food poverty. If you pray, pray for a big fat litter of bunnies with enough does that I can get the meat operation up and running!
I really hope I grow as a homesteader. It’s not much now but it will be! I really hope I am a good fit for Self Sufficient Culture.


  • Breeding ER Rabbit Kindling Soon
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Best of luck to you with the bunnies. From your photos, enthusiasm, and activity here it looks like you'll be a great fit. Welcome to your new internet home. :twothumbsup:
Thank you so much Granny Goose! I really feel that this simpler but harder life is more fullfilling. Especially with the state of the world right now. It feels good to know that what I’m doing has the ability to keep my loved ones safe from starvation if, God forbid, something bad happens. I love the feeling of a Village or a Tribe. I just want to be support for as many people as I can. My veteran husband says I would have been useful in the military if I hadn’t been born with the disease I have. That was the best compliment of my life, to be told I’d be an asset. This lifestyle is how I be my family’s asset! They all have to work, I’m disabled, I have the time to care for the animals and tend the garden. They build the structures and I do the daily cleaning, feeding, brushing, etc.

My moms land is forested and my sisters house is in a cul de sac. My mom is going to graze our hogs on her forested land and my land was cattle land so I have full sun all day. My property is where our veggies and fruits are. My sister has some containers fruit trees and a small raised bed. We all 3 work together taking turns at each other’s property, building, planting, or digging. I’m working with my Brother in law, he has some emotional struggles, trying to get him involved to help keep him on the straight and narrow. I truly believe that this lifestyle is the best for us humans and I feel very fortunate I get to be living that lifestyle. Thank you for your kind words. I hope as I share about myself I can build real relationships with my virtual friends.

Much love and respect,
Kelsey “Briar” Griffin Mississippi USA zone 8b
Still no bunnies yet. Momma rabbit is liking the extra attention. She gets clovers every time I check on her. It’s day 2 of the expected time window. Fingers crossed for large healthy kits and a happy and healthy momma tomorrow!

Every chick I hatched this season is sold or my mother is going to take to start her flock! I have only lost 1 chick and they are almost 2 months. They are being sold at laying age, so a little over a month. Im excited to actually have something to show for my “hobby”. Im 29 and have only ever been a mom. It will be nice to be able to contribute in ways I feel are important for me to feel fulfilled. No one would like to feel like they aren’t contributing to this world while they are alive on it. I’m very happy with my life path. I’m excited to see how much my homestead grows as I learn all that I can here.

I collect all my rabbits poop in plastic totes. I pour kitchen scraps in there. My chickens mix it up nice for me. It’s my fertilizer for my garden and Fruit Forest (along with the buried chickens when they pass). I have 2 raised beds so far. They had logs with mushrooms and cut branches in the bottom, then leaves, aged chicken coop bedding and fresh rabbit manure, and chipped trees as mulch. It is Looking MARVELOUS! My squash leaves are larger than my head! It is supporting a very dense plant spacing. It is very fertile! I did add a nutrition boost of spoiled yard eggs to the beds after the spring harvest and the first 2 weeks of summer growing. I am so very pleased with the results from Mark’s advice!
You don't have to be self-sufficient in everything, just be self sufficient in something ;)

My garden? My garden is perhaps not very productive, but it's definitely an aid in me being self sufficient at happiness.
My rabbit kindled 6 days ago! 4 white kits. I’ve been hand feeding all 4 once a day with powdered goats milk and heavy whipping cream. It appeared the second time mom (her first litter was born on the wire and died on day 2) wasn’t feeding them first couple of days. But the bunnies are getting larger and have strong movements. She seems to be feeding them now, I’m still supplementing the runts with formula.
Breeding ER Rabbit Kindling Soon

This is one of the bunnies! (Yes I’m in a power wheelchair, I’m disabled)
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