Bee Expo - Imbil 10/9/2016

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Jun 13, 2013
Clontarf, Qld
I'm going to try get along to this one....

Bee Expo - Imbil 10/9/2016
Wow not very far from my place. Maybe I'll find the time too.

Did you hear about how in one US state they sprayed for Zika virus & killed all the bees too?
On-one thought to see if the insecticide for the mozzies would also kill the poor old bees.
hrm, the forecast doesn't look too good for tomorrow. I'll be going and taking photos of everything so i'll post them up at some point.

Clissa, i hadn't seen that one.
Don't think I'll go if its going to be wet.
Already windy, cool showery here this afternoon so expected to be worse tomorrow.
If you happen to see "Dean" there (guy who has the hives with the viewing platform) tell him to reply to his emails!! (Lol)
I've emailed twice now and heard nada...:bored:
I'm working today so can't go...would've thought it'd be a great place to find out who's got hives available.
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I saw Dean at the club meeting but didn't know that was ongoing. I'm here now.. bit early. Weather is ok so far.
Oh that's funny! I really was kidding, I'm sure he has enough on his plate to get bet back to every tyre-kicker that emails him! Maybe third time lucky?
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