Back from holidays in the USA

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm back from our trip to the USA and will endeavour to work on our forum updating things and fixing issues such as that dreaded photo competition that is still broken! I had the developer supposedly fix it himself but obviously, the bugs still remain.

    If you follow my YouTube channel you'd be up to date with my US trip but for those who don't I was fortunate enough to visit YouTube Spaces in LA (airfare and accommodation covered by YouTube/QLD Govt) and I had a great experience.

    We turned this opportunity into a family holiday and had a fantastic time touring San Francisco, Vegas, and LA.

    It's good to be back - I have a lot of work to do on our property, a new 5 part series to release on YouTube, and plenty of admin behind the scenes both here SSC and on my blog SSM.

    I'm stretched to the max but not complaining - just wish I had more time in a day!

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