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Feb 19, 2020
Howard Springs, Northern Territory Howard Springs
Hi Mark

Just a question regarding your Articles Section of the forum.

I need some guidance regarding your articles section. I don't want to write an article as such but would like to document my journey of becoming self sufficient. I would like to document this not just for the forum but also for my kids and more generally for my extended family. I don't want to reinvent the wheel either. I could setup my own web site/forum but I have to ask why, since you have done the hard work already. This forum has its member base so why set up another one and try to compete for viewers.

To that end can I ask if its OK to start an article (for want of a better word) that documents my journey towards self sufficiency, If you say no, that's OK, I will just keep adding to the forum in separate threads as to what I do, but I think that the articles section of your site could be used as a diary, just like Cook's voyage around the world. Imagine a site for diaries from around the world detailing their journey towards self sufficiency. (OK I'm trying to sell now :) ). You would be the moderator with the power to delete any that do not fit in to the spirit of the diary, just as you do now for the spirit of the article.

let me know what your think