April 2020 Competition - General Knowledge


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May 27, 2012
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Competition Time! WIN $100 AU in PayPal CASH! The prize will be emailed directly to your inbox:twothumbsup:

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting SSC!

Visitors to our Website are valued greatly, but it's our members who interact with each other, help solve issues, share images or information, and generally create content here that interests thousands of people around the world - so to you, I say thank you very much for making SSC the fun online self-sufficient community that it is... :cheers:

SSC values its members support and a knowledge-based online community like ours will always do better if members are prepared to share their knowledge and interact with each other.

Therefore, to give something back to our community, reward effort, and just for fun, we are announcing this new competition open to Premium Member (GOLD).

To enter all you have to do is be logged in and answer our knowledge-based question.

The winner will be drawn at random upon closing from the pool of correct answers using our forum software.

Only Premium Members with a GOLD banner will be permitted to view the question or enter this competition (more about GOLD here).

Membership on SSC is completely free so join us now.

Good Luck ;)

P.S Just for info: Revenue raised on SSC through advertising and affiliates helps to pay for competition prizes. We prefer to run competitions for our members rather than use this money to promote our websites via paid advertising.
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Congrats @Letsgokate you were our winner ... again... You must be the only one who enters these comps lol :p

The Question was:

In vegetable gardening what does "Bulls Blood" commonly refer to?
The correct answer was:

Heirloom beetroot variety
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