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Oct 22, 2020
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I make apple sauce a simple easy way,i don't use sugar in the making of the apple sauce and i dont use water to cook the apples in or on top of the stove.

First off i am choosy bout the flavor and texture on my apple sauce so i hand select the apples numerous varieties at times as many as 8 to 10 types ,ranging from red and golden delicious to granny smiths mac or spy apples even Fuji Winesap all depends what is available for best that year. and a couple gallons of fresh sweet cider.

So in general i mix and match for flavors - sweetness - tartness - density for texture, how you proceed will depend what you have available i have a food mill with on kitchen aid that can grind meat of change attachment to make puree for tomato sauce or as simple larger screen make applesauce and it separates the skin and seed and the pure pulp into its own bowl.

Ok don't want to stand over a stove cooking down your apples mashing them and boil that down to get consistency you want because too much water in kettle ??? Quarter apples into a large canning kettle that also has a lid and will fit in your oven. Pack in good and firm leave at least 3 inches of room, now while you were out at orchard getting apples take the cider and fill the kettle until cider is just above apples. place sheet in bottom of oven to catch any possible boil over or spills from kettle , place on lowest rack in oven cover with lid and bake start at aprox 175 F ( 80c ) until it shove temperature comes up in you can turn the heat up to around 200 and let the apples cook down until soft.

as they cook the level of the apples in kettle will drop and you will get more juices At this point gentle scoop they apples out with a slotted spoon so they drain and run through mill to separate apple from skin and seed and make sauce if you want a chunkier style you can save some and rough makes the take of skin and seed. advantage is the flavors are not diluted from boiling in water the sauce will be sweeter
from using cider so no sugar needed, spice to taste can and process to store.

juicer-pulper.png chute-screens.png
this is similar to the antique kitchen aid i have except mine is an older style the chute is flatter and the screen extends out the end like the manual one shown at right for reference, the three screens allow a variety to the textureand type of fruit berry or vegetable milling or juicing

an alternate is also apple butter
apple butter.jpeg

so now you have a kettle full of juice cider and juice from baking what to do with it all let the solid settle out or strain through layers of cheese cloth to get a clear clean liquid now on to next stage you can now use this juice to make apple jelly

apple jelly
apple jelly.jpeg

spiced apple jelly

spiced apple jelly.jpeg

apple mint jelly
apple mint jelly.jpeg

can mix them to make a spiced mint apple jelly or vary the types of spices i have even made a cinnamon ginger apple jelly the options are limitless
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