Adding a Second Raised Bed


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Jan 28, 2021
Temperate (all seasons)
Last year was my first proper year of growing my own veg (had a few herbs here and there already). I was unsure how well it would go so started small and built a 1m x 1m raised bed.

Since last year was so satisfying I'm upping my space to grow with another bed and thought I would share some pics.


The one on the left is the one from last year, and the one on the right is the new one. There's also another addition to our household in the middle Stella our 5 month old lab. This year I'll have an inquisitive puppy to deal with that will most likely want to play in these. She already enjoys eating the Rosemary in the background (top left) when we're not looking (we can tell when me and my wife get licks that smell delicious).


Like last year I've went with the hugelkultur approach filling the bottom third with old tree/bush cuttings from a neighbour. And we bought some (too much) turf last year so the leftovers have been sitting in bags in an old shed over summer through winter and now made for pretty good soil.

Last years bed soil level has sank a bit and I didn't have enough soil to fill the new one so both will need a top up before I start planting.
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