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  1. localseedsau

    Hello from Braybrook, VIC, AU

    Hi all, Daniel here. I’m based in Braybrook, Australia. I grow food in a raised bed (2x1m) at home and a small plot (5x1m) at a community garden. I compost all my food waste and try to be as zero waste as possible. I've also been slowly making my house more energy efficient, installing solar...
  2. Snowemu

    Young family gardening

    Hello! Finally bit the bullet and joined up. I started watching Mark and his YouTube channel this time last year when I was pregnant with our daughter. We wanted to start gardening again to teach our daughter about the importance of being outside, as well as to share our love of being outdoors...
  3. E

    Question Which veggies should I mulch?

    Howdy all, I'm a new gardener two hours north of Adelaide who recently picked up some woodchip mulch I think its from eucalyptus and pine trees as their are some leaves/needles of those trees in there. I've heard from Marks video on mulching that some plants don't like to be mulched at the base...
  4. Krisy Campbell

    Hello fellow veggie heads from South East Queensland

    Hi all , I’m from Se Qld and a big fan of selfsufficientculture , I’ve been following Mark for a long time now , great tips from him especially coming from qld subtropical , I grow as much as I can veggie and fruit wise and also raised animals . I am very happy to be here my veggie garden is...
  5. Letsgokate

    My Raised Veggie Beds

    Yeah my raised veggie beds are finally made and I’m excited. :yahoo:So grab a :tea: and sit back and have a read, it’s long and has lots of pics. For those that don’t know, we live on ¾ acre in SEQ north of Brisbane. Area the veggie bed is going. We have been here for a little under 2 years...
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