1. Mandy Onderwater

    The EASY Way to Grow Tomatoes That Actually WORKS!

    What a great experiment! What are your tomato experiments, and what where the results?
  2. Have a Grow

    Question What do you do with surplus produce?

    G'day, I'm new to the forum. Been watching Mark's videos now for a while and LOVE THEM. I have a question, either for Mark or anyone who knows the answer, what does he do with his surplus produce? I'm just curious to find out as he appears to produce a LOT of the same vegetables like Beetroots...
  3. 20210713_123113.jpg


    Did you know tomatoes are a fruit? Here are mine, ripening on the vine!
  4. ss-ashley

    Question Advice on Topping Tomatoes

    My indeterminate tomato (red cherry and opalka) is doing very well. Too well in fact. It is taller than the trellis cage (about 4 foot tall) that I built and it is mid July. My first frost date in mid Oct so I have 3 more months of growth. At this rate, I don't know if my trellis can handle...
  5. A

    Question What type of tomato is this?

    This year I got into gardening and I received some tomato plants from my neighbour who in turn received them from a friend (from the middle east if I remember correctly). Which made me curious about the type of this tomato. As we don't know the type, I started looking around on the internet...
  6. TarynS.

    Sweet Cherry type tomato in 7B

    My daughter (3) absolute LOVES tomatoes. I’m hoping to have a really good crop this year for her. My question are what would be the best small cherry type, that is sweet, and will grow well in 7B (Georgia, USA).
  7. Mark

    Tying tomato plants off on a round post or stake

    Here's a video on the simple knots and technique I use to secure tomato plants to a round post or stake so it doesn't slip down. The post I use in the video is nice and tall, pretty cheap, easy to force into the ground or pull out, and overall makes for a great tomato stake but you do tend to...
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