1. Mandy Onderwater

    54 Raised Veggie Garden Beds Walk Around Tour

    How about an extra long video showcasing all of Mark's raised garden beds in the main veggie patch? Handy tip! Want to talk to Mark directly? Did you know that there is another way, outside the forum? Support Mark on Patreon: (the top tier $25 AU...
  2. Sparky

    Cucumber seedlings failing.

    I haven't been having much luck with cucumber seedlings. As soon as they get their third true leaf they start to yellow and die. I have tried two different brands and have tried jiffy pots, jiffy peat pots and direct to soil. Any ideas? I live in Bundy, subtropical climate. Thanks in advance.
  3. Guy M.

    Good medium for a good start...

    Hi all! I've been growing food at home for a number of years now. A motivator for me to get into it more and continue growing was the freely-given seedlings a passionate grower of a Grow Free movement in my local area used to raise and release. :) He raised kale, beetroot, etc. etc. and it was...
  4. Ash

    Growing from seed

    This may be a small matter to some of you well seasoned green thumbs, but I have had my first batch of successful seedlings grown from seed. Some have been packed for 2 years whilst I was not won with the seeds last year. How have others gone this spring?
  5. Belinda Acott

    Hello from Sussundenga

    Hi Everyone. I'm Belinda from Sussundenga, Moçambique. I need some help please. Busy growing Dragon Fruit. I purchased seeds online and have managed to get them all to germinate. Woohoo Me :) I tried all four methods suggested on YouTube. But now I need help and advice please. When and how do I...
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