1. Sparky

    Cucumber seedlings failing.

    I haven't been having much luck with cucumber seedlings. As soon as they get their third true leaf they start to yellow and die. I have tried two different brands and have tried jiffy pots, jiffy peat pots and direct to soil. Any ideas? I live in Bundy, subtropical climate. Thanks in advance.
  2. Guy M.

    Good medium for a good start...

    Hi all! I've been growing food at home for a number of years now. A motivator for me to get into it more and continue growing was the freely-given seedlings a passionate grower of a Grow Free movement in my local area used to raise and release. :) He raised kale, beetroot, etc. etc. and it was...
  3. Ash

    Growing from seed

    This may be a small matter to some of you well seasoned green thumbs, but I have had my first batch of successful seedlings grown from seed. Some have been packed for 2 years whilst I was not won with the seeds last year. How have others gone this spring?
  4. Belinda Acott

    Hello from Sussundenga

    Hi Everyone. I'm Belinda from Sussundenga, Moçambique. I need some help please. Busy growing Dragon Fruit. I purchased seeds online and have managed to get them all to germinate. Woohoo Me :) I tried all four methods suggested on YouTube. But now I need help and advice please. When and how do I...
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