raised garden beds

  1. Ben North

    Hi From Melbourne

    Hi All, Ben here. Just started setting up some raised beds us I g the Hugelkulture approach. Im wondering if anyone has tried using cardboard as a fill media. I thought it would be great to use the boxes my raised beds came in.
  2. The Rubber Kitty

    Question effect of diesel and sump oil on growing veges/fruit?

    G'day Peeps, I have some sleepers that have been treated and i plan on making a raised garden bed out of them. I have had one of my friends insist that I use old sump oil and diesel mixed together and paint the sleepers with that before making a garden bed. I have some reservations with this...
  3. K

    Any good soil suppliers - Parramatta

    Hey everyone, Like a lot of other folks must be doing during C19 lockdown, I'm taking the opportunity to finally build our raised garden bed. As per Mark's videos I'm filling up the bottom with old wood and stumps as well as shredded newspaper that I have a lot of and other general natural...
  4. J

    My raised bed adventure - Hugelkultur inspired

    With the arrival of my 2nd child last Tuesday, I've got some time to get some jobs ticked off. I needed to repair a cracked pipe and put in a retaining wall to stop my yard flooding during the heavy winter rains but my local council won't let me put it close enough to the fence without approval...
  5. Vincent Marracino


    Hello!!!!!! My name is Vince I live in Zanesville Ohio, USA. Since 2010 I've been growing little gardens where I could and in 2017 my wife and I bought our first house. That year I used the side of my house as a small garden which was awesome. The following year I built a raised garden bed and...
  6. RobinsSea

    G'day from Redland Bay (QLD)

    Hello... been following me mate Mark (trying to sound Aussie, but I'm actually still a Yank) for the past better part of a couple of years. Living in a similar climate to him - he's north of the river whilst we're south, still all SE QLD - his advice on how to grow and what to grow has been...
  7. Letsgokate

    My Raised Veggie Beds

    Yeah my raised veggie beds are finally made and I’m excited. :yahoo:So grab a :tea: and sit back and have a read, it’s long and has lots of pics. For those that don’t know, we live on ¾ acre in SEQ north of Brisbane. Area the veggie bed is going. We have been here for a little under 2 years...