1. Mandy Onderwater

    Harvesting Pineapple 🍍

    I've harvested my pineapple today! I hope I got it at the right time too. It was yellow and had a lovely pineapple smell surrounding it. My issue is that it's huge and I don't really know if I should wait a couple days before slicing into it, or even how to slice into it (I don't have one of...
  2. Pineapple


    Another pineapple update!
  3. 20220321_181637.jpg


    My 1,5 year old pineapple plant is growing! 🍍
  4. Mandy Onderwater

    Regrow Pineapples from Store Bought Pineapples!

    Mark has got a new video out! I've got my own store-bought pineapple head in a pot on my patio also! Why not try it?
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