1. Mandy Onderwater

    The NEXT GENERATION of Raised Garden Beds is HERE

    How exciting! A brand new generation of raised Birdies beds. Raised Garden Beds: Go here to get Birdies Raised Garden Beds in the USA: for a 5% discount, or use SSME2020 at checkout. In Australia, go to and use Code...
  2. Mandy Onderwater

    33 ESSENTIAL Gardening TOOLS I Use All the TIME!

    What tools do you like to frequently use? And if you have any not listed, post them down below! :D Handy tip! Want to talk to Mark directly? Did you know that there is another way, outside the forum? Support Mark on Patreon: (the top tier $25 AU...
  3. Mandy Onderwater

    How to MOVE or TRANSPLANT a Fruit Tree

    What are your top tips on moving and/or transplanting plants?
  4. Mandy Onderwater

    54 Raised Veggie Garden Beds Walk Around Tour

    How about an extra long video showcasing all of Mark's raised garden beds in the main veggie patch? Handy tip! Want to talk to Mark directly? Did you know that there is another way, outside the forum? Support Mark on Patreon: (the top tier $25 AU...
  5. Mandy Onderwater

    Planting a Fruit Tree on TOP of an Old STUMP!

    Welcome back Mark - looks like he has been busy! Very exciting information and I'm sure we would all love to see what that stump will look like a couple years from now. Hopefully all incorporated into the soil. And for those of us that made it to the end... I bet we are all excited to see more...
  6. Pineapple


    Another pineapple update!
  7. Pineapple


    Update 3 on my pineapple! I am so excited
  8. Mandy Onderwater

    Got Some New Favourite Fruit Trees in the Mail | What Where Why?

    What do you think? Have you ever ordered/grown trees before and how did you go? I have just bought a small lemonade tree after getting inspired. What are your plans in the upcoming seasons?
  9. Mandy Onderwater

    Why Do Some Bananas Taste Like Chalk?

  10. Mandy Onderwater

    Don't Make These 5 Food Gardening Mistakes!

    Let's look at Mark's mistakes and learn how to avoid them. What gardening 'mistakes' have you been guilty of? I'll start first; trying to grow cold-climate plants when I live sub-tropical and wonder why they aren't doing so well...
  11. Real Fruit Jelly (Jello in American)

    Fruit & Vegetables Real Fruit Jelly (Jello in American)

    As kids, most of us ate and loved jelly. As adults, most of us still love the stuff, but we tend to start looking at it as a junk food treat because, let's be real, most jelly on the market is nothing but sugar, gelatin (gelatine), colour, and flavouring. Sometime we'll kid ourselves that we're...
  12. L

    Hello my name is Lena, Im in Burleson, Texas. So Howdy Y'all

    hope everyone is doing great down under, I love gardening and chasing my chickens, looking forward to making friends and exchanging ideas and seeds. im on YouTube Lena's Backyard Homestead please help my channel grow.
  13. G

    Recommend Tradewinds South Coast Online Nursery

    Hey Guys, I was searching for new indoor plant and rare tropical fruit trees that grow well in Australia. I found this website called Tradewinds South Coast. I contacted the owner who was easy to deal with. They have heaps of different fruit trees like chocolate pudding fruit, ice cream bean...
  14. Avocado Man

    Wanted Avocado scion/cuttings for grafting

    Hello everyone! New to the forum, decided to finally join, big fan of the channel and also a long time fruit and veg grower mostly in pots. This year I'm growing on a small plot of land so we see how it turns out. Anyway, I was really hoping that someone could help me out, I've got a 13 year...
  15. Tynan

    Hello Darlings

    Good morning all, My name is Tynan and I am quite 'green' when it comes to gardening, after reading Cicero's How to Grow Old, I've been an avid viewer of Mark and many other Homesteaders on the web. Seeing as I am finally moving into a 5 acre plot of land on the South side of Brisbane ( Camira...
  16. Mark

    Mango fruit don't taste like they used to

    Here's a video about my thoughts on why fruit doesn't taste as good as it used to with mangoes as the main example.
  17. Mark

    Panama Berry video

    Hey all, here's a video I made about our Panama Berry tree including a taste test. :)
  18. Mark

    How to make an organic lime cordial from home grown fruit

    Hi all, in my latest VLog I describe how I make lime cordial from an excess of limes grown completely organically. There are other things going on in the video but the lime squeezing is around the middle.
  19. Mark

    Ceylon Hill Gooseberry growing & harvest

    If you were looking for a substitute to blueberries that is much easier to grow then the Ceylon Hill gooseberry is a good choice. The shrub is very easy to grow, requires little fertiliser or extra care, and one it reaches maturity produces masses of delicious berries. The berries are...
  20. Mark

    Longan fruit and growing discussion

    I found this longan fruit at the local supermarket so I bought a few because I have never tried them. They are similar to lychees - I think anyway... And, I found the fruit quite nice although not very big. The pulp is surrounded by a husk like shell which can be split with a thumb nail or...
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