Red and white dragon fruit plants

My baby dragonfruits
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  1. Can be grown all year (under certain conditions)
  2. Best grown in warmer conditions

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I bought these last year (one red and one white) and they went through a nice burst of growth this spring. (The box also contained a loose and TEENY little dragon fruit section, which I planted separately, and it is growing nicely, as well!)

I don't really know what I am doing with these guys. They need to be repotted, and they seem to do best with a little afternoon shade. I have a raised deck, so I am thinking I might plant them at the base of one of the posts, so they have something to climb. They would get a lot of morning and early afternoon sun, but would be shaded by the hottest part of the day. Some frost protection from the deck, and considering they went through one winter out here already, when I didn't know they were supposed to be protected from freezing temps, and they survived (albeit not without consequence), I am thinking they would be okay there.

Not looking forward to manhandling these to get them repotted, though!

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