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My Selection Of Eggplant

  • After a poor start late last year, my eggplants are now flourishing! I had a few plants die suddenly so I simply tried growing them in areas which haven't had eggplant before or for a long time and this has worked a treat.

    We're making eggplant lasagna, stuffed eggplant, grilled eggplant, roasted eggplant and the list goes on...

    I was able to grow a second lot of productive plants in the same season using the seed from the first plantings and I'm amazed at how fast they have grown. This is my best eggplant season to date.
  1. Karla
    I am trying this type for the first time this year. Appreciate the info that could help me with a good crop. Going to plant it in my new round Birdie bed.