Moon And Stars Watermelon

Large oval fruit with sweet bright red flesh, dark green skin with large and small yellow patches and spots, 7-14kg. Spectacular appearance. Good long keeper. Harvest after 95 days.

General Information

This is not only a gorgeous tasting melon it is also a really pretty vine. I could not get a picture of both together so I opted to post several for the vine and very young fruit.

I have always disliked watermelon intensely yet I could eat this all day. I wanted something that my children would eat and also to add a little colour and variety to the garden. I purchased these from Eden Seeds. Very easy to grow and very prolific. They are full of seeds so you will have no problem converting all your friends to this very tasty fruit.


Great taste
Loads of seeds to collect and sow on or gift to friends and neighbours
Really pretty delicate vine

Cons (if any)

None yet!

Latest reviews

Pros: Very attractive fruit & vine
Cons: The seeds were definitely a bit of a downer.
I first grew this one 40yrs ago up at Bowen.
(Gosh I must be getting old!:rolleyes: )

As I remember it was easy to grow & set heaps of fruit but I will reiterate it was in a tropical zone.


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