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Luffa (loofah)

Average Member Rating:
Basic Growing Tips:
  • Grows in most soil conditions
  • Can be grown all year (under certain conditions)
  • Grows best in full sun
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  1. Crystal Weathers
    "Easy addition"
    Pros - Easy to grow. Dual use.
    Cons - Needs lots of support.
    While it can be eaten while young, we grow them mainly for the sponge. If using for food then I recommend soaking and rinsing well and fried with garlic and butter. They are great for attracting bees and we have never had any pests, besides the dog liking to rip them to shreds as a toy haha.
  2. Mark
    "Grew these for the first time this summer"
    Pros - good to eat when very small
    make a great sponge
    good productivity
    likes the heat
    grows fast
    Cons - can't eat them past about 6 inches
    takes a lot of space
    We really enjoyed growing Luffa this summer season and will likely grow them again. They do taste nice when small - sweeter than zucchini and delightful steamed and coated with real butter.
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