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Light Sussex

  • The Light Sussex chicken is a utility bird meaning they can be kept for both eggs and meat. Laying around 260 eggs per year they are still a great layer. I believe the bird originates from Sussex in the UK - unsurprisingly...

    Being also a meat bird it's obviously on the heavy side and is definitely not a fast mover in fact mine waddles almost like a duck :)

    The black and white neck and tail feathers are distinguishing features and makes the Light Sussex really stand out.

    Their temperament is terrific and it's a real joy to have such an easy going and friendly hen in our flock.

    We only have one Light Sussex and we do not intend to eat her because like most of our chickens she's kept for laying. Her nickname is Miss Fluffy Pants :p
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  1. SAJay
    I love the Light Sussex. We have 3 in our flock and they are my favourites. Dorothy, Blanch & Rose. My golden girls. Have Silver Sussex hatching in the incubator as I type. Looking forward to seeing what they are like. Anyone had them before?
    1. Mark
      Silver Sussex no not me but they sound lovely! Be sure to post a few pics of yours growing up Jay! :)
      Mark, Aug 28, 2015
  2. Letsgokate
    I like the sussex and I have one girl named Susie :) She is a good little layer too,
  3. Mark
    I only have the one and we really love her she's such a good bird and her fat waddle as she walks is funny. Look forward to seeing your pics Owl.
  4. Greyyowl
    I got 3 week old chicks on Friday mark. My brother got 4 so it's going to be good to compare them to my super hens ( Australorps ). I'll post some pics soon.