Italian Purple Harvest

Italian Purple (Turban) Garlic
Other Names
Italian Red
Basic Growing Tips
  1. Free draining soil only
  2. Best grown in cooler conditions

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I was given several small bulbs of an 'Italian' garlic whilst picking up an IBC.

With nothing to lose I planted cloves between St. Patricks & ANZAC DAY.

Watered frequently in well drained soil and fertilised with Blood & Bone, Dynamic Lifter (organic) and Seasol (not all at the same time, changed fert every time), mulched with sugar cane mulch.

Harvested around 9th November after they became knocked down by the wind - planned harvest was between Remembrance Day and 1 Dec as advised by the bloke that gave them to me.

I was able to identify the exact varietal once harvested - I have provided the link below.

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