How To Make Compost Bays From Recycled Pallets

Pros: I love this Idea recycling old wooden pallets Very clever! The only pallets we can find locally are at our dump and you aren't allowed to take them unfortunately they have cameras that make sure you don't take anything.
You should be able to take them I mean we pay over $500 quarterly in rates! we worked it out $40 a week! We live in a small town and have hardly anything for it! hahaha anyway great Idea! Very clever and I would love to make something like this :)
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Pros: lots of room, easy access, cheap to build, fast and easy to build
Cons: no cons I can think of really - I guess you do need room for this type of composting system
This is a top way to build a compost heap or bays for a serious gardener and garden.