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Just started about a month ago from seed (mostly).

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Started inside my tent (see pics) cucumbers (space masters), peas (drawf bush), kale (fringed), spinach (new seeds added two days ago Never germed), strawberries, tomatoes (orange hat), peppers (5 color Chinese and Italian), ginger (store bought), mirco greens (mix), toy chocolate (just harvested after 27 days), and beets (Detroit red). I have a 4x4 tent, two 1000 watt led lights, small fan, and decent soil. Leave the lights on 16 hours a day. I also have a small worm farm and use fresh made worm tea every two weeks. Plus I do have an herb garden (with two 75 watt lights) and an outdoor grow starting on a patio with minimal sun. I will talk about that later. Any feedback or pro tips feel free. Thx.


1) helps me with stress and gives me a hobby.

2) great for extra food (I'm hoping it will be).

3) love to recycle and benefit from it.

4) great to teach the little one.

Cons (if any)

1) electric bill cost. That being said, I have lights that only pull 300 watts give or take a few watts. I have two 1000 watt lights and two 75 watt lights (75 watts for herbs).

2) limited space, but hoping that changes in the future.

3)new grow mistakes, sure there will be some.
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I also forgot I have two kinds of carrots in there as well. Half Denver and black nublus. Cheers!
Wow! That’s a lot of plants. I’m doing beets too. You have to keep thinning them out so they have a lot of growing room. The leaves are nice in a mixed salad. I give them to my chickens.

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