Easy Dog Or Fox Proof Fencing (poor Man's Method)

Pros: Easy to install and effective compared to some other methods.
Cons: As my chook pen is situated in a sheltered corner of my backyard, I therefore would not have access to the exterior of my chook pen boundary on two sides as that would encroach on my neighbours yards!
As I was re-using garden rocks/edging and my chook pen was about 6m x 3m squared, I chose to concrete in my rocks under my colourbond fenceline which was the boundary on two sides of my chook pen. I wanted to be sure that no dog would be able to dig beneath this fence to reach my 3 girls. BUT, if I had a chook pen with wire all around, this dog/fox proof fencing to prevent entry via digging is perfect. And perfectly easy to construct :)
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