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I was finally able to start beekeeping 3 years ago and I absolutely love it! Fresh natural honey, wax for candles are just a couple of many things the bees can provide you. I could spend hours sitting by the hives watching them. Here is a picture of setting up a new hive of bees.


All the beneficial products you get from bees and they are great to watch.

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I will be starting to raise my own queen bees as they can get expensive to purchase when you make splits or if a hive goes queenless. That is if you can find them when you need them.

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Pros: Great for the environment!
Thanks for sharing. I love everything about bee keeping from what I have heard and seen. However, do to limit space I have not been able to keep bee's. Keep it up, cheers!
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Hi Shellie. You should be able to let the bees make their own queen if you have eggs/larvae under three days old. Queens are available from a place at Gympie for $25. I'm researching bees at the moment with a view to getting a hive in the next few weeks. Here's a link to websites that sell queens. queen-bees-for-sale.html

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