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    Question Rosella calyx are hard and not many on plant

    Purchased a rosella plant approx. Half metre in size. Had four calyx now has eleven with a new side branch which has three new calyx forming. I have only seen a couple of flowers. All the calyx are hard as rocks and the original ones are dead. Nothing has been soft and does not resemble your...
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    Dragon fruit flowers turned yellow and fell off

    Hi thanks for your article on DF, last year i had 30 DF from my 4 vines all hand pollinated, but this year i had about 50 flowers but most turned yellow and fell off, what would you recommend, Kind Regards
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    Alternatives to killing quail when moving

    Thanks Mark for your very comprehensive info on Quail keeping. We have 5 quail (1 male & 4 girls) who live in our aviary with 1 Male & 2 female Indian Ring-neck Parrots. We got them to keep the bottom of the aviary relatively clean & we supplement their feed. I collect on average 3 eggs a day...
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    How to stop foxes or dogs digging under coop doorway

    I’m building a duck coop for the first time, and I’m interested in your protective wire skirt idea to get critters out. One question I have tho, is how did you deal with the door area?
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    Q&A from Questionland

    Hi, as requested by @stevo I thought I'd better introduce myself! :wave: My name is Q&A, I'm from Questionland! I'm a fictional member of SSC created by staff to bring the magic of blog and email questions together here on our forum so others may also benefit from the answers (why didn't I...
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    Question Are my oranges safe to eat?

    My family and I recently moved from Seattle to Southern California. We have a glorious orange tree in our back yard, and I'm wondering if the fruit is safe for consumption, or if we should be wary since we don't know it's "history?"