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  1. alter ego hank

    Sick peas - maybe whole bed is in need of help

    Hi folks, The raised beds I put in are posing some issues. I am trying to work out what my veggies need to prosper. I have some peas that are looking quite sickly in the raised beds, while the left over pea seedling I put in a pot (along with a left over tomato seedling is going great. (please...
  2. alter ego hank

    Question Will this apple seedling produce fruit?

    I was eating a Pink Lady apple about a month ago and there was a seed in it which appeared to have germinated so I planted it in a tray of good potting mix and it has sprouted nicely. My question is, as a tree, will it produce apples? I am new to gardening and would be rapt if it did produce...
  3. alter ego hank

    Hi, I'm Hank (not my real name)

    Hi Mark and SSC members, I'm relatively new to gardening. Other than digging a one time vegetable garden years ago with the kids, and growing a few herbs in an old wheelbarrow, I've not done much at all. I hunt and fish but want to produce delicious tasting vegetables myself. I remember that...