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    Question Cooking oil

    We fried a turkey and had gallons of used oil. I strained it and used it in stir fry for the entire year. Oil from tempura should be reusable. If you use it too often it changes chemically...that’s bad, but if it didn’t burn you can use in cooking items where it gets consumed. Just label it as...
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    Stolen fruit!

    We are also in a city setting. One neighbor has kids who seem to have no idea what property lines are. They come pick our stuff when they want in the front yard. It’s so rude. We try not to plant anything we don’t want to lose in the front, or use varieties that don’t look ripe, ie white...
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    The girls are starting to pump,

    We have 2 easter egger hens that lay green eggs, an Easter egger rooster, and 4 buff Orpington hens. We’re getting a couple dozen Large to jumbo eggs a week now. They are all about 11 months old. we are giving them extra light in the evenings until the natural light is long enough in another...
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    Easier carrot germination

    Every time I try burlap, I forget to remove it and the seedling grow into it. Plus I interplant so some come up before others. The carrots need it most, but take the longest to germinate.
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    Moisture retention

    If you can’t get stable manure, try sourcing rice hulls. Any larger feed store should have them. Or straw. Try to find the stuff that cut into shorter lengths as it’s easier to place around plants. Both of these are great at improving the soil if you dig it in at the end of the season. Worms...
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    Seed sites?

    Hi. I’m out in central California. I buy from baker creek. Their good. I also buy from seeds from Italy. SfI are fabulous. They sell mainly franchi seed. Huge packets last several years if stored in fridge. Great vitality in franchi. Several of their varieties are Italian heirlooms. I also...
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    Easier carrot germination

    So we just used this method to plant 820 carrot seeds. It took less than 30 minutes. Think how long it would take to thin 130 ft long row of carrots, which is about the the equivalent. Think how much seed you’d need. How much fuss this would be. This is so much easier. In addition you improve...
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    Dragon fruit (pitaya)

    I just received seeds for these. I can’t wait to get them going. It’s still chilly here at night so I’ll wait till March to start them in the greenhouse. I love dragon fruit water in summer. I want put the fruit in ice cubes to use throughout summer to stay hydrated. Thank you for the wonderful...
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    Hello from sunny Victoria...wait, now it's, suns back

    We are a family of 6, growing in our yard in the suburbs. I’m trying to have something harvest all year round in my yard. So far, I’m managing. Garden gives something year round, even if just leeks, chard, bunching onions, or Jerusalem artichokes in winter, plus fruit trees harvest about 7...
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    Moisture retention

    I think that the most important things in arid climates are moisture retention and shade. We add about 6 inches of slightly aged stable manure into our beds annually, in addition to all the compost we can produce ourselves. People don’t realize how fast an irrigated garden uses organic matter in...
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    Top 6 Reasons for Keeping a Rooster in Your Flock

    I think that production birds have the instinct bred out of them. They crow when they see lights, even bathroom lights in the night. Our rooster did this last year, but we have been giving rewards, like garden grubs and extra chard when he lets us sleep in. Now he crows at about 8 am. I don’t...
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    Veg Showcase Tomoto - Yellow Cherry

    Me, either. Well, not yellow. I do like purple and black tomatoes. Every yellow Tom I've tried was mealy. My kids love when a volunteer yellow pear cherry type comes up on its own. They use them as bombs in their own version of snowball fights. We don’t get snow.
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    Perennial Capsicum

    Annum is annual, but most others are short lived perennials.
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    My Selection Of Eggplant

    I think that many people misunderstand the nature of eggplant. They are not all the same. Unfortunately the blandest variety, in my opinion is black beauty. This is the one we all recognize. Pretty and shiny, but blah. Different types taste different and the recipe chosen requires a specific...
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    Question Northwest Louisiana????

    I’m in California, so I don’t have your humidity. I believe that you can grow just about what ever you want to. Tomatoes, carrots, beans, onions, peppers, chard, etc. I would stick to short season varieties for items that cannot take high temps. Plant at a wider spacing to accommodate the...
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    Easier carrot germination

    Just want to pass on a tip I received years ago to help grow carrots is a dry climate. First use a small stick or chopstick to poke 1/2 inch deep holes in soil at desired distance, the fill hole 1/2 way with vermiculite. Place carrot seed on top of the vermiculite and cover with more...
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    Rooster Collars to stop crowing what's your thoughts?

    Our neighbors have 2 dogs that bark incessantly. Our rooster is a americuna cross. He only crows if he needs to warn a cat or dog is in the yard, or if the water gets knocked over, stuff like that. His crow is nowhere near as loud as the bark of the dogs. Other neighbors like him. They say it’s...
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    Sweet Cherry type tomato in 7B

    Their catalog is beautiful
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    Question Hi from fresno Ca

    Hi. I garden in my back yard, 1400 sq ft of garden beds, mostly framed. I have a microclimate of 8b. We also grow several fruit trees. We don’t use chemicals, organic or otherwise. We make our own compost, use organic compost from stores and use loads of stable manure. This works for us. We can...
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    Sweet Cherry type tomato in 7B

    I’ve grown lilliput fir years. We love it. Long harvest season with varied size fruits. They also make a tasty sauce. lliput from franchi fir several years. It’s deoendable and has huge crops
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