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  1. Davidwood1983

    Mark’s Hoselink Ad

    Just seen the ad and think it’s great! great to hear more about your background and a different view from your own channels. Some very good points made and very brave. Definitely struck a chord with me. If people haven’t seen it yet I’d give it a go. I use hoselink stuff already and it’s good...
  2. Davidwood1983

    Food grade IBC for aquaponics

    Hi all, where can I easily buy food grade IBC totes in se Qld with delivery. I don’t trust the scavenger route and can’t transport myself anyway. Where can I buy them that delivers? Where did rob bob get his? thanks David
  3. Davidwood1983

    Planting out bananas

    Hi all, Ive had some tissue culture bananas inpots sinceDecember and they are big enough to go into the garden. Should I keep them potted until spring or plant them out now. Ie June, SE Qld, Australia. Will they be ok through the winter? We do get light frosts occasionally in winter. Thanks David
  4. Davidwood1983

    Self sufficient me live stream.

    Sorry if it’s been discussed elsewhere, but where will the proposed livestream be announced? Will there be questions odd this forum? just want to make sure I catch it. Thanks
  5. Davidwood1983

    Mid summer Growing ideas for Queensland

    Hi all, move just cleared out a bed from the spring crop and looking for something to replace it with but will be finished before the winter sowing. North of Brisbane,wet summer, preferably fruit fly safe. Plenty of tomatoes, chilli, eggplant, capsicum, pumpkin already in. Was going to put in...
  6. Davidwood1983

    My spring harvest

    Just wanted to share this as I’m very proud of it but mainly to encourage others. 10 months ago I’d grown hardly anything except a few herbs in a pot.... This was my harvest today after setting out to grow more of my own food. Have to say Self sufficient me has helped me immensely in this , so...
  7. Davidwood1983

    Native bee hives SE Qld

    Hi, where can I get native stingless bee hives from in SE Qld. I’ve contacted kin kin bee hives a couple of times but no reply. The hive haven looks good but not cheap. Also where can I get the native bees! thanks David
  8. Davidwood1983

    Aquaponics in se Queensland

    Looking for some recommendations fir manufacturers. Follow rob bob on you tube and blueheeler seems the best?
  9. Davidwood1983

    New asparagus bed

    Got to be a good day when you start a new asparagus bed. Half crowns half seed to go in in a few weeks, so will take a good while but I hope to still be harvesting in 20 years!
  10. Davidwood1983

    Late July August planting SE Queensland

    Hi, What is everyone planting at the moment in S E Queensland. I’ve got a new bed to fill and was considering cucumbers, chilli, globe and Jerusalem artichokes. also jicama in a seperate bed where the chickens have eaten everything else. Sound good? thanks
  11. Davidwood1983

    Egg Incubators

    Sure it’s been covered before but I want a good incubator of backyard chook size, that is compliant in Australia and that will last a while. For chicken ducks and quail. Great lander seems sold out so looking for an alternative.
  12. Davidwood1983

    Mango looking ill

    Just had this new Nam Doc Mai mango delivered and it looks a bit under the weather compared to all the other mangos. Don’t know if it’s a sign of anything or this variety just doesn’t ship well. Also does it prefer more tropical temps as I’m in sub tropical winter at the moment. Any thoughts?
  13. Davidwood1983

    Hello from Sunshine Coast, Queensland

    Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself. After buying our first house in December with an aim to be as self sufficient as possible I’m enjoying my first winter growing. Quail are now ready for harvest, ducks already done and chickens producing good eggs. Birdies beds in and some of them...
  14. Davidwood1983

    Muscovys won’t return to coop

    Hi all, Our new (yesterday) muscovys won’t return to the coop at night. Don’t want to leave it open any longer and put chickens at risk. They are very big birds (Males) so hope they will be ok tonight sleeping in the long grass at the bottom of our empty dam. Any tricks to get them to return...
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