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  1. Johnm64

    New garden beds

    Started to install 4 garden beds about 3 weeks ago , they are corrugated iron and are 2300mm long by 600mm wide and 400mm high. Originally they were 800mm high , but the angle grinder sorted that. They are to be used for growing Black berries , Blue berries , Logan berries , Boysen berries...
  2. Johnm64

    Question How do i fix this on my computer ?

    I need a little bit of help with an error that I keep getting on YouTube. I keep getting this message when I go to watch any video , it only started today. until today all was good. This page can’t be displayed Make sure that the web address is correct...
  3. Johnm64

    Tip Simple easy tree trunk protector

    Thought I would share with you how I make a collar/guard to stop collar rot on my fruit trees. I you are like me and seem to have accumulated lots of old plastic pots. This is how I reuse them. I use two pots per tree. Firstly I cut the bottom out of the pots. Next I slit up one side. When...
  4. Johnm64

    Its nice to get help without asking.

    Had to remove some rocks in an area that I want to clear for planting more fruit trees etc. And I had some unsolicited help.:cheer: So I took a few pics of my helper.:chuffed:
  5. Johnm64

    Wanted Vegetable and fruit/nuts Seeds,cuttings etc.. wanted in WA

    Hi guys just thought I would ask? Any one in the Perth area interested in swapping , bartering or just giving away any of the above. the reason I say only Perth or WA is because of our quarantine laws. regards john
  6. Johnm64


    I have nine Pilgrim geese. They were given to me by friends when they moved away for work. They are very friendly and when see you, you are mobbed by a flock of 5kg plus birds.:quiver: They also will massacre anything green.:assassin: Regards john :)
  7. Johnm64

    My Ducks

    My Pekins have a bath in the pen and a larger pond elsewhere when they free range.
  8. Johnm64

    Hello from Gabbadah Western Australia

    Just a quick hello from Gabbadah Its approximately 90kms north of Perth, near Guilderton on the coast. My name is John, I and my wife Amanda have a 2.5 acre property which is full of limestone. We are fortunate to have a few good pockets of orange loam. That we are turning into a permaculture...
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