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    Perenial capsicum

    Hi to all ,many moons ago , maybe 40 years , I picked up a capsicum from an Italian fruit and veggie store south of Sydney , I consequently propagated it and found a most remarkable plant , probably not exactly perennial but good for 2-3 years at least in the sub tropics . having no exact name...
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    Garden visits

    Hi Mark just wanted to pass an idea past you to see if it has any momentum . We seem to have many members in SE Qld and was wondering about perhaps setting up some garden visits , if different members were so inclined , yourself included , " open days " could include plant and seed exchange , a...
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    Where have all the bees gone ?

    I have been struggling with a lack of bees on a constant basis here in SE Queensland , recently I had to change my attitude towards flowers , previous thoughts pretty yes sometimes edible yes some medicinal ok definitely yes , but they don't really put bulk on the table . I have previously grown...
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    And they came two by two

    Many years ago whilst on my search for info on making herbal tinctures and remedies , I found myself in Salt Lake City in USA . The city was founded by Mormons and one of their requests by their religious elders was to bring back to the city after leaving to visit elsewhere, two plants or trees...
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    Tip Wwoofers to help .

    Hi to you all , just thought I would share a contact which has helped me a lot this year , and that's , , wwoofers are " willing workers on organic farms " , where the farm can be anything , your backyard , veggie patch so long as it is organic. The arrangement is loosely...
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    Grapes , herbs and living the dream

    Hi to you all , found this site when I was looking to propagate grapes for southeast Queensland , and what a gem it is , I started an organic herb farm back in about 1974 , and quickly took up the challenge James Ruse had ( one of the original convicts ) . So his challenge was to become as self...
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