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  1. The Rubber Kitty

    Question Pruning of Native Bushtucker - Midgen Berries

    Hey all my Midgen berry is get a bit straggly, but thriving I was wondering if it does well with prune to strengthen it up?
  2. The Rubber Kitty

    Question effect of diesel and sump oil on growing veges/fruit?

    G'day Peeps, I have some sleepers that have been treated and i plan on making a raised garden bed out of them. I have had one of my friends insist that I use old sump oil and diesel mixed together and paint the sleepers with that before making a garden bed. I have some reservations with this...
  3. The Rubber Kitty

    Question best place for a 'citrus / fruit' grove or sorts?

    I have highlighted an area where I think it will be good for citrus and other fruits like apricots ... Challenges: I have clayish type soil and that particular area can get a little flooded so going to raise it up... drainage is okay and after a really heavy downpour most of the water is gone...
  4. The Rubber Kitty

    Question Realities of Compositing

    Heya Peeps, I am going to start composting a pile... and I was wondering where I should put it ... like a shady spot, sunny spot, complete shade... etc... I have some pallets and other stuff I can build it from ... I am just unsure about what is a good spot ... as some people i see have their...
  5. The Rubber Kitty

    Question Composting in the Garden beds

    I was wondering about the how many compost bins i would need, but then remembered that you can dig scraps into garden beds ... so i was wondering how many 'beds' i would need to be able to have one to 'compost' and the other to grow? Can any one see any issues with this other than random veges...
  6. The Rubber Kitty

    Problem What is wrong with my cucumbers?

    They were going fine for a while, but they have become holy and some of the cucumbers are shrivelling up or 'aborting' and becoming yellow ... I am not sure if it is because we have had a few days of really dry weather and they have been smashed and thus more likely to get disease/pests? There...
  7. The Rubber Kitty

    Question Baby Kifflers - When to not/harvest?

    Well my kifflers are bug eaten , but that is another story... I went to dig them up and I spotted some Jelly Bean sized kifflers in amongest my diggings ( I had not yet gotten to the original seed potatoes) this might seem like really silly questions: is it okay to leave the kifflers in the...
  8. The Rubber Kitty

    Question Plants/herbs for pest management - potatoes

    G'day, I have had some of my potatoes (kipflers) have these yellow insects on them... they don't look like aphids .. .kinda like little yellow trilobites ... They don't appear to be interested in the Radishes in the same bed that I am growing in. Are there any good companion plants/...
  9. The Rubber Kitty

    Question Help identifying plnat

    15735002939228553601853802423922 by The Rubber Kitty posted Nov 12, 2019 at 5:22 AM I planted this and i can't remember what it is ... at least i think i planted it deliberately. Can any one help me? thank you!
  10. The Rubber Kitty

    thinning radishes? or replanting?

    G'day ... When I planted my radishes... I kinda randomly planted them... so a few are growing really close together... ATM ... and well they are growing really well... What I would like to know is if it is possible to 'transplant' them so that they grow bigger and if it will harm them? or...
  11. The Rubber Kitty

    help with my Seedlings - Perpetual spinach

    IMG20190719132150[1] by The Rubber Kitty posted Aug 12, 2019 at 8:11 AMHey guys ... i have been trying to grow perpetual spinach from seed... these are like a month or so old... and they look a little sad .... I was wondering if there is anything that could be done to help these guys? Early in...
  12. The Rubber Kitty

    Hello From Logan, QLD

    Heya ... Totally on board with this for my house and I was stoked to find one who come and lives in or near me so that it makes it easier for me to do stuff! So happy to try to be self-sufficient in one area... I am going to go for Perpetual spinach first!
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