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    Breaking bad with Chillies

    So Summer 2019 I got impatient as my Jalepnoes where growing buy the million but decided they wanted to stay green forever, I had killed my third wave of Thai chillies (I love them to death every time). I happened across a bush in a store that was loaded to the hilt with ripe red chillies it was...
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    Heritage seeds in Australia

    I have always gardened in one form or another but I have never bothered to do the whole seed saving process. beyond tomatoes and chillies. Where are you guys getting your mail-order seeds from I am getting to the point where I am more concerned about the varieties I am growing and want the...
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    Looking for Oak acorns

    I am a bit of a collector of oak trees I am looking to plant a few on a new property I have an English oak, a Californian live oak and a Bur oak germinated. I am particularly interested in a swamp oak Virginia oak cork oak if you have some acorns and are willing to post let me know, happy to...
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    G'day all From Mildura

    Just saying hello and a bit about me I have 10 years of meat cattle livestock experience alongside with some experience in the chicken egg industry. have traditionally provided all of my meat through hunting or growth most of my life. Very happy to help anyone who has questions in these area's...
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