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  1. Biranicous maximus

    Pepper browning on vine

    These are kinda small so I didn't think they were ripe yet. Any other issue there could be for this browning?
  2. Biranicous maximus

    Home improvements

    Finally got some plants in the ground at the new house! Hibiscus for the wife. They are still very small but they should do well. That side gets a lot of sun.
  3. Biranicous maximus

    Septic drain field

    Looking for suggestions on what to grow over our drain field which takes up most of our back yard. My friend thinks that I can grow bananas over it but wouldn't they be too heavy? I was thinking of just having drought tolerant plants there.
  4. Biranicous maximus

    Quail raising

    My wife is worried about the noise and space needs of quail. Any recommendations? I have read about the 1 ft spacing per quail, but many countries just cram them all in a rabbit cage. I like in Lakeland and the rules on fowl are that they have to be 50 ft from building unless you have the...
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