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  1. Frank

    Question Markisa/Passion Fruit

    Last time, I left my fruit on the vine till it got purple and dropped of from itself. Because, that's how I read you should do it. But, when I opened my fruit, it was empty... only a few seeds. So, it was failure. Now, I got new fruit(still small) on another vine and a friend told me, I had to...
  2. Frank

    Question Goat manure mistake?

    I recently started gardening again and I am a complete beginner... now, I wonder if I made a mistake? A few days ago, I bought some old goat manure and threw it directly on top of my raised beds. All you see is the goat manure on top, you don't see any sand/dirt. Do you think that will be ok or...
  3. Frank

    Frank from Indonesia

    Hi all... I am Frank, a Belgian living in Batam(Indonesia) since 2011. Enjoying a simple life and trying to get more selfsufficient... hence, that's why I am here. I am an absolute beginner when it comes to gardening. Started twice already in the last couple of years and failed... well let's...
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