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  1. Greyyowl

    Breeding hen feed.

    What do you feed your hens during their breeding seasons? I had them on layer mash until the rooster was introduced, he was fed scratch, the girls forgot the mash and ate about 3 of 8 seeds from the scratch, hence 5 seeds wasted. From a 30 kg bag about 17 kg is wasted and I am kinda tired of...
  2. Greyyowl

    Question Chicken Feed?

    Been through the whole gammit you write of. Started on chick starter, then to pullet mix, layer pellets( golden yolk, lurved it) THEN WENT OFF THAT AT MOULT, ONTO LAYER MASH FOR PROTEIN, NOW THE SNOTS WILL EAT 3 SEEDS FROM SCRATCH, BOTH DRY AND MOLLASSIS AND WASTE THE REST, THEY WERE DOING FINE...
  3. Greyyowl

    What creature would you rather get bitten by? (Game)

    I have a photo of my inlaw on a bike being swooped by a magpie, we didn't care, we laughed our guts up. The Owl. Now to find that pic. No 2 animals I have had my go.
  4. Greyyowl

    What creature would you rather get bitten by? (Game)

    Yabbie, never been in a situation with Mudcrabs. On a completely different thought, you are all calling it by the wrong name. Yabbies are Craybobs, why in the past 40 years have they been labelled yabbies. Pft, Craybobs peoples, Craybobs. next 2? nesting Magpie or a Hornet?
  5. Greyyowl

    Sometimes it sucks to be nice

    I lost one of my 3 wk old Light Sussex chickens about an hour ago. I had them (3) in my finished new quail coop giving it a test drive for me and they were crying to be put to bed in their normal spots. I went out to put a bit of lucerne dust in the corner and tell them they were camping out...
  6. Greyyowl

    What creature would you rather get bitten by? (Game)

    Been bitten from the toes to the crotch by about 100 Bullants when I stood on their heap under a pepper tree moving a mob of sheep in about 1970, a bottle of iodine and a lot of hugs from old Mrs Watson and I still wanted my legs cut off. 12 years later the old man's pacer decided to bite me...
  7. Greyyowl

    What creature would you rather get bitten by? (Game)

    Shark, Port Jacksons don't hurt that much. Got bumped by one in Clovelly baths circa 1983, the king tide brought it in. Next 2 animals? Bullant or Horse?
  8. Greyyowl

    Chinese "no name" Egg Incubators

    Filling both channels will give you a RH reading of 70% @ 37.7 degrees. There is no need to spray the eggs, if you lift the lid slightly and put your hand in it will feel like a warm fog, your chicks will pip out perfectly. Filling one channel @ 37.7 will give you a RH reading of 48%. You will...
  9. Greyyowl

    woohoo... eggs!

    Stevo, be sure and feed them Layer Mash while they are starting, it has the protein they need until Layer pellets can be used, you will notice the difference. The Owl.
  10. Greyyowl

    Explain this......................

    Check the pic earlier or I'll go to the fridge and get a carton out and get photographic evidence. I get into a lot of arguments about the weight Mark.
  11. Greyyowl

    Explain this......................

    All the same age except Noob, but she isn't laying yet, the pathetic effort could be her first crack at an egg, bit sad if it is. Her performance records won't make too good a reading. And yes, they do become brittle. The eggs are 75 gms, average Australorps are 52 gms. One is laying sandpaper...
  12. Greyyowl

    woohoo... eggs!

    Get a day old chick and shove under her and she will be fine, she just wants a little cloud running round her feet. The Owl. ps" Eggsbox, lmao
  13. Greyyowl

    Explain this......................

    How do 3 hens all the same size and breed lay eggs so different? please explain as Mz Hanson is opt to say. The Owl. ps: I have a video link.
  14. Greyyowl

    woohoo... eggs!

    3 years will usually pull up good layers. Bantams may be slightly different but 5 yrs is getting on in chook years as far as punching out ovum goes. And the white shells are usual for a breed named Minorcas, they say they lay large eggs but I would call them medium. Your bantam eggs look fine...
  15. Greyyowl

    Chicken Brooders

    Well, I have had Apollo, a Buff Orpington Bantam, in my Incubrooder for 2 weeks now. Temps been 37c, true temp is 29c, using a 100 watt bulb and he has progressed perfectly. He has been having a run since 10 days old in the pen and he goes to his new home tomorrow. He has road tested my mobile...
  16. Greyyowl

    Question Buckeye chickens

    Thx for the replies. They are rarish and thought someone may have some but they are as scarce as hens teeth, yes, pun intended. Thx again for the help. I am loading 20 Gold Laced Wyandottes next batch. They are Melbourne Show winning stock so I'll be even more nervous as they cook. The Owl.
  17. Greyyowl

    Does anyone know what breed of rooster this is?

    This Wedgie, the female version of your cross (RIR x Aus) if you can find a cross like Wedgie I think your hens will be awesome. She lays 75gm eggs with the odd double yoker thrown in. The Owl. But purebreds are the way to go me thinks. The kids liked Wedgie hence her still breathing.
  18. Greyyowl

    Can you help me finalise the definition for "Self Sufficient Culture?"

    Self Sufficient Culture is "Me looking after you, and you looking after me when we can't do it ourselves". An example being: I traded 3 crates of homebrew for a ute load of hardwood offcuts to keep a young mother and her newborn warm mid winter when her bf was incarcerated. After 24 yrs of...
  19. Greyyowl

    Chinese "no name" Egg Incubators

    The "kids" have all been sold or given to friends and the feed bins are chocka. I guess that makes me kinda self sufficient. Wohoo, go me. The Owl.
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