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  1. Geo

    Veg Showcase Rooftop garden build

    Hi all! Thanks to @AndrewB for giving me the idea to start such a thread. Last year I started some plants in pots on the top of my garage. They grew somewhat... but during the year I built up on it, made myself a tumble composter and started this year with a lot of hope... and plenty of...
  2. Geo

    Happy Holidays to all!

    Hi fellow gardeners! Thank you all for being so proactive both here on the forums and youtube. All you all maybe know, this is the year Mark reached 1 million subscribers on Youtube, Congrats Mark! I know this year has been challenging for many of us and also for many of us has brought a lot...
  3. Geo

    Veg Showcase My first ever potted tomato

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item My first ever potted tomato. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. Geo

    Question To all you ginger growers :)

    Hi all, it's my first year growing ginger. While I live in a temperate climate, I managed to make it work and grow 2 beautiful ginger plants in 2 pots. 2 days ago I've noticed new shoots from the root of my plants: Is this worrysome? Should I harvest the tubers now? I was under the...
  5. Geo

    Question I can't seem to figure out what wrong with this sour cherry

    A bit of backstory: We bought a new property 5 years ago with some young fruit trees already on it. Among those fruit trees, a small sour cherry tree. The first 2 years it produced as if the fruit was more plentiful than the leaves. Then for the past 3 years it flowers less and less and the...
  6. Geo

    Hello from Romania :)

    Hi Mark, Hi all! I live at the edge of a relatively small town in my country with my wife and 2 kids and, while we keep the ground for lawn and kids play activities (minus a few fruit trees) I've always wanted to have and maintain a garden above ground level. This year I've started work and...
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