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  1. BeeTee

    Where to learn more about gardening/vegetable growing?

    It would be fair to say that the membership here possesses an incredible volume of knowledge about gardening/horticulture etc and it makes me wonder how they gained that knowledge? I would love to improve my own knowledge but how do I go about doing that? Youtube and channels like Mark's are a...
  2. BeeTee

    Fruit trees in tubs?

    This question may have been asked before but here goes. Can I grow fruit trees in tubs and what things should I consider when doing so? I live in north east Victoria. TIA, All the best, Brian.
  3. BeeTee

    Tomatoes Flowers but no fruit?

    Hi All, hope you're all well. I have a query re my tomatoes, that is, why are there lots of flowers but very little fruit? I understand toms are self pollinating, but mine are very inconsistent. I think three flowers have pollinated while the rest seem to have just dropped off. I'll post a...
  4. BeeTee

    Newbie from North East Victoria

    Hello everyone, Brian here from Wodonga in North East Victoria. I hope you are all having a ripper day. After a vegie growing hiatus (for numerous reasons that I won't bore you with) I came upon Self Sufficient Me on the TOOB and was infected with Mark's enthusiasm. Anyway to make a short story...
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