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  1. ClissAT

    New Zealand Yam (Oca)

    If you are chasing the Oca Oxalis tuberosa Garden Express in Australia have it in stock now for online purchases only. 3 tubers for $10 +postage.
  2. ClissAT

    Powdery Mildew, Time to Spray

    Powdery Mildew is a fungal disease that appears like baby powder sprinkled over the upper sides of the mature leaves of zucchini, squash, cucumber, pumpkin, melon leaves. The best organic spray is milk at 9parts water 1part full cream milk. Has to be animal milk and preferably full cream so it...
  3. ClissAT

    What to Plant in MAY in Australia for Winter

    This post will cover every zone in Australia for both flowers and vegetables. People in other southern hemisphere countries could also use this list as a broad guide. I always like to plant flowers as well, whether they are dedicated companion types, bee and insect attractant or simply...
  4. ClissAT

    Poem written during Corona Virus

    I don't know who the author is of this great poem, but I decided to add my own artwork to enhance it. For us women worldwide, in their 60s and 70s this poem will resonate loudly! We have been the backbone of our families through the greatest changes the world has seen. We are The strongest...
  5. ClissAT

    Growing Ginger

    This website has very good farming information about growing ginger.
  6. ClissAT

    Raised Garden Bed for sale

    $240 plus delivery if you can't come to pick it up. I will drive up to 30mins to deliver for cost of fuel. 800 high x 2000 long x 1000 wide. I can't find the link to the company on the Sunshine Coast. Here's a link to the same company down south and prices will be the same no doubt...
  7. ClissAT

    Nutritional deficiencies in garden plants

    Here is a generalised discussion about mineral deficiencies in most plants. It was published by the West Australian agricultural department. I've put it in the tropical section but equally applicable across all parts of the world...
  8. ClissAT

    That time of year for Tony!

    Happy birthday Tony! It's a bit of a bigger that it comes right at Xmas time. You must feel cheated just a little!? Anyway, just like everyone else here, I wish you all the best for the coming year. May you grow great produce and solve many self sufficiency dilemmas...
  9. ClissAT

    Growing Fruit Trees in Containers

    Several members have asked about growing their fruit trees in containers or pots. Today I have been watching a TV show about baroque palaces, chateau and grand estates in Europe. One thing they all have in common is their beautiful baroque partaire gardens and Orangeries. Versailles has the...
  10. ClissAT

    For Those in Drought or fires

    How are you getting on? Did you just have to let nature take it's course regarding what lives or dies in your garden? Or are you using trickery to put nature in it's place!
  11. ClissAT

    Dragon Fruit support post design

    Here is a drawing of how I will be setting up my dragon fruit. I've got enough rooted cuttings to put in 25 posts. Whether I can find that many dirt bike rims is another issue but I won't know until I go to the motorbike shop. The rims would have their axle hubs and spokes removed then centered...
  12. ClissAT

    Mushrooms for Bees

    This is a 30min talk a bit like a TED talk but given at a university by a scientist specialising in mycillium. His little porkpie hat is made from a mushroom! The bit about bees doesn't start until approximately the 27min mark. And this guy talks really fast! Probably need to reply the section...
  13. ClissAT

    Dragon Fruit Flowering time again!

    It's been so darned dry in most parts of Australia this spring summer 2019! But I was absolutely thrilled to see 7!! flowers on two plants which all opened on this phase of the moon. I'm sure all my other plants are only weeks behind those first two. How are everyone else's DFs doing? During...
  14. ClissAT

    Growing Health Benefiting Herbs

    https://treehugger/its-the-newsletter-652165-652837?e=daf69e6761 This article in Tree Hugger shows several easy to grow herbs for various common ailments. A good place to start for those wishing to add a small medicine chest to their gardens. I'll try to add some cultural notes on each plant...
  15. ClissAT

    Follow up to 'Gardening on Really Poor Soil'

    Here is the link to my original thread. Now for the follow-up. Recently I had a friend visit who I hadn't seen for several years. She's a scientist, a forensic ecologist! Now there's a mouthful! We took a tour...
  16. ClissAT

    compost worm farm system.

    Firstly I discovered the copywrite and trademark processes used by google interfered with me making this post. It kept disappearing! Nor could I put the product name in the title of this thread. I used google to search this product to get good links so I do hope it stays live and doesn't get...
  17. ClissAT

    Weeds as Friends Weeds, Guardians of the Soil. 40yrs ago I was told this book would save the world's agronomy complaints. No-one took notice. Now we have a chemical soup to eat from. Those of us who follow more organic gardening and farming...
  18. ClissAT

    Making Compost

    When you think about the various ingredients you will use or gather for compost, think about whether they are hot, warm, cold, wet or dry inclusions. So grass clippings and garden prunings would be cold, whereas chook manure and pen scrappings would be hot. Horse manure (100% manure from the...
  19. ClissAT

    Interesting Concept, Counting the Carbon in your Food

    This is a news item I read today so I don't know how long this link will remain viable for. We often count carbs. But what about counting the carbon in your food. Those of us here who...
  20. ClissAT

    The 10 Strangest Looking Flowers

    I used to have a couple of these growing but like all strange things, they turned out to be too hard to keep alive. Or maybe in nature they have a synergistic relationship with other parts of nature that I was unable to replicate. Anyway its always good to remember there are strange things out...
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