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  1. Ash

    Question What's eating my produce/plants?

    I can't seem to win. I grow some great stuff in the soil I'm on, but everything gets eaten before I can get to it. The capsicums, eaten until there's just the seeds left. The pumpkins, eaten, almost whole. Even the leaves on my stone fruit trees are getting chomped. I cannot tell what would have...
  2. Ash

    Growing from seed

    This may be a small matter to some of you well seasoned green thumbs, but I have had my first batch of successful seedlings grown from seed. Some have been packed for 2 years whilst I was not won with the seeds last year. How have others gone this spring?
  3. Ash

    Tip Ryobi Silent Electric Shredder/Chipper 2400W

    Moving back into town with an established garden and a lot of foliage needing pruning, I went ahead to buy a shredder. After trying Mitre 10 and finding nothing but a small shredder I wouldn't trust on going the distance, I proceeded to Bunnings to go for the higher end electric shredder that is...
  4. Ash

    Moving from acreage back to the suburb

    This has been a difficult decision, spurred on by the constant work that needed to be done to keep the acreage that we moved into just over a year ago functional and sustainable. We are moving back into town. We are only 15 mins out of town as it is, but the sheer size of the plot that needs...
  5. Ash

    Question Weed control

    It's getting out of control and hard to keep up. Too much of our acreage is being taken over by broadleaf weed, the typical clover I believe. It's got to be the most common lawn issue, but I'm not sure where to turn for advice. Shops will want to sell you products that other sites advise against...
  6. Ash

    Recommend Felton Food Festival

    For all you guys in SE Qld, this is one event that has just taken off since it started 5 years ago. FFF has had unprecedented patronage because of its family friendly environment not too far away from the big smoke, and yet removed enough to enjoy the sights (and tastes) of rural life. Lots of...
  7. Ash

    Recommend SolaX X-Hybrid inverter for solar energy generation

    Mentioned briefly in another thread in this forum, I thought I'd dedicate a thread to the product itself and give a preliminary (and progressive) working review on the product for what will continue to be an important part of self-sufficiency and energy-smart living. I would like to give an...
  8. Ash

    Recommend Search for a mower fit for acreage work

    Hey all, I thought I might share some thoughts and experiences in my quest to get a good deal on an appropriate mower for a property that will soon become the family home. On a long trapezius shaped area of 7 acres of mostly gentle undulating land with a few surface rocks I will hope to make a...
  9. Ash

    Question Soil treatment

    Didn't know where best to post this but I couldn't find another thread of a similar subject to ponder the question: What's best to do to condition this thick, clumpy, solid black vertisol soil to support new tree planting and growth? Chunk of black vertisol by Ash posted Aug 26, 2015 at 10:28...
  10. Ash

    Fruit Showcase Imperial Mandarin

    Ash submitted a new Showcase Item: Imperial Mandarin Read more about this showcase item here...
  11. Ash

    Question Young apple tree trunk attacked

    I have just paid a visit to an acreage I am working on with the weather being pleasant here in early winter. I got a nasty surprise when I saw these scenes on four of my six young apple trees: Apple tree pest trunk by Ash posted Jun 7, 2015 at 7:43 PMApple tree pest attack by Ash posted Jun 7...
  12. Ash

    Daley's pear trees

    Today I was surprised by a swift arrival of a tall box delivered to my front door just two days after I ordered a couple of pear trees from Daley's. They arrived in excellent condition well bound to the box base and undisturbed by the delivery. I am impressed by the service and will only be more...
  13. Ash

    First watermelon harvested and banana talk

    Currently my family and I are on a small suburban patch of dirt that has surprisingly given us some fine fresh produce. We started off with a nice passionfruit tree that is in its 3rd year of bearing fruit, and it is plenty for the family and friends. I have harvested exquisitely tasting...
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