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  1. Daniel.Mav

    Dan's Garden Journal

    Thanks GKW, so many dreams but not enough time to do it all. Slow and steady, I guess.
  2. Daniel.Mav

    Dan's Garden Journal

    We have been busy with our new baby boy but we are not back in the garden. Check out this new video and see the changes from last year. Let me know if you want to see anything in more detail.
  3. Daniel.Mav

    Dan's Garden Journal

    So my daughter wanted to plant some purple plants! Needless to say we go some purple cabbages and purple flowers for her to plant. Check out the video. She’ll be a budding gardener for sure!
  4. Daniel.Mav

    A few pictures from this years garden

    Cheers for the link. I’ll check it out. I’ve heard of this method and I’ve tried it once with homemade timber stacking boxes - but with no success. Maybe I’ll give it another go this year!
  5. Daniel.Mav

    Question Cutworms

    Ahhh, I must be thinking of a different pest then!!
  6. Daniel.Mav

    New raised garden bed placement

    Hey Jon, peeks crossing - is that near mt Barney? ClissAT is all over it. Position the beds in full sun and you’ll be fine. Use the natural shade created by the plants to protect the specific crops that like part shade while the others enjoy the full sun!
  7. Daniel.Mav

    Hello From Logan, QLD

    Congratulations on finding the group! Spinach is a great first goal! There’s plenty of variety to cover all seasons so you should be able to harvest all year! I’d recommend Brazilian spinach, warrigal greens and Egyptian spinach for hardy perennials.
  8. Daniel.Mav

    A few pictures from this years garden

    250! Wow! Your definitely doing something right then!! I’m looking forward to another update with your harvests.
  9. Daniel.Mav

    Question Cutworms

    I had a problem with cutworms a few years ago. Was horrible coming outside to check on the garden and finding young plants dying. I’ve heard that broken baked egg shells around the base of each plant are meant to work but I’ve never tried it.
  10. Daniel.Mav

    First go at fermenting Olives

    I bet some people would pay to come and pick olives to take home :)
  11. Daniel.Mav

    any idea what these are and are they edible?

    We have a few of these at work. Extremely tart and the fruit fly seem to sting most of them before you get a chance to eat them yourself.
  12. Daniel.Mav

    A few pictures from this years garden

    Looks great. Very productive and organised. Well done.
  13. Daniel.Mav

    Greetings from Nova Scotia Canada

    Welcome aboard! I hope your goal for self sufficiency continues to grow each day.
  14. Daniel.Mav

    Easiyo yoghurt with milk powder

    Definitely ClissAT, make sure you blend it really well otherwise it’ll come out grainy. I’ve never tried to use flavoured yoghurt as a starter. Let me know how it turns out.
  15. Daniel.Mav

    Easiyo yoghurt with milk powder

    Nice one mate, cheers for the tips. I freeze good quality yoghurt as my culture for when the yoghurt starts to have off flavours from using the previous yoghurt each time.
  16. Daniel.Mav

    Currently building our homestead on a 1 acre block

    Currently building our homestead on a 1 acre block
  17. Daniel.Mav

    Knocking up a few new coops

    Looks great. Your chickens will be very happy with their home.
  18. Daniel.Mav

    What is your best and favourite garden tool for raised beds?

    I love using this tool. It cost more than a full size mattock but it’s super strong and getting into tight areas! I’ve dug holes for small trees with this.
  19. Daniel.Mav

    Easiyo yoghurt with milk powder

    Hey everyone, I’ve been making my own yoghurt for awhile now and it didn’t take long for me to get sick of depending on the Easiyo packets to make it. So, I’ve been using milk powder for a few months now and I’m loving it. It’s much cheaper and still tastes great. Check out the video.
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