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  1. Elle 's Belles

    Instead of staking tomatoes cascade them over a raised bed

    Am hoping someone may find the link below either interesting, worth debating, or worth trying when it comes to alternate ways to grow tomatoes without staking, etc? Seems like an awesome idea to me, but I've not had much luck with blinking full size tomatoes, only those yummy little teeny ones...
  2. Elle 's Belles

    Question Fresh Horse Poo?

    I just gave up using horse manure because of the copious amount of grains sprouting in amongst my flowers and vege patch. But this tip is such a good idea, Mark. Thank you for thinking that one out for me :idea: It's free as my friend loves to get rid of it - but I've been trying to avoid her...
  3. Elle 's Belles

    Cute Chicken Pics...

    Only just returned to this forum and noted the date I mentioned I had tried to upload a pic of my 3 chooks, on Nov 3 (definitely too big a file size, Mark and Stevo). Because on Nov 5 at 4.20am, I heard a ruckus in the hen house (and my JR x Chi dog going off outside) and bolted outside only to...
  4. Elle 's Belles

    Cute Chicken Pics...

    Am dying to pop a pic of my 3 girls here ... but can't upload the pic :feedchooks:
  5. Elle 's Belles

    What creature would you rather get bitten by? (Game)

    Kangaroo or wombat was next in line ...
  6. Elle 's Belles

    What creature would you rather get bitten by? (Game)

    Hey Cliss, Am pretty sure ferrets are illegal in Qld as pets - that's how I ended up with my Boo! She was 6mths old when an elder brother of one of my primary students was moving to Qld and couldn't take his gorgeous little bundle of fluff with him due to the State law, apparently. She was...
  7. Elle 's Belles

    Exercise/training motivational one-liners

    Sore? Tired? Out of breath? Good! It's working :yahoo:
  8. Elle 's Belles

    What creature would you rather get bitten by? (Game)

    Will have to go green ants as I have no idea what the heck a green and black ground ant is?! Let's hope their bite is MUCH WORSE than a green ant bite :) Hmm, next two ... a cat or a ferret? (that is assuming anyone is still playing this game after 13 months!)
  9. Elle 's Belles

    Hello from Adelaide

    OMG! You have filled me with hope that I may be able to manage to have 'chick success' too. Congratulations on your recent quailings ... or whatever those cute little beggars are actually called :)
  10. Elle 's Belles

    G'day from the 'Dale ;)

    Hi all, Have just joined after stumbling across Mark's review of his Chinese el cheapo incubator. I currently live in the New England region of New South Wales. Love it here as the summers are superb ... but the winters mean icy winds, frost on most winter mornings and sometimes snow as well -...
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