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  1. Daniel.Mav

    Easiyo yoghurt with milk powder

    Hey everyone, I’ve been making my own yoghurt for awhile now and it didn’t take long for me to get sick of depending on the Easiyo packets to make it. So, I’ve been using milk powder for a few months now and I’m loving it. It’s much cheaper and still tastes great. Check out the video.
  2. Daniel.Mav

    Our NEW 1 acre homestead

    Hey Team, we built our new house on a 1 acre block last year in S.E. QLD and we have started to settle in with some chickens, fruit trees and veg patch. Unfortunately I’ve just had back surgery (2 weeks ago) and so the homestead has been on hold for the last 3 months; but I’m back outside now...
  3. Daniel.Mav

    Charles Dowding: No dig gardening

    I’m considering buying the no dog gardening book written but Charles Dowding but I’m worried that it’s not going to be relevant enough for our climate. Has anyone already bought the book and found it relevant for a subtropical climate?
  4. Daniel.Mav

    Question Seed raising and greenhouses

    hey just a quick question, I’ve just purchased a bunch of seeds from eden seeds and a cheap greenhouse from Bunnings with a clear plastic cover. Now, do I leave the clear plastic on or do I remove it and use shade cloth instead? Or do I simply put the shade cloth over the top of the plastic? Or...
  5. Daniel.Mav

    Orchard Design Ideas

    Ok ladies and gents, orchard design ideas. I want to squeeze as many dewarf fruit trees in as I can. I'll have larger nut and fruit trees in another area so mainly citrus and other dewarf trees. My idea was to have 8m long rows that were 1m wide with a path of 1.5m inbetween. The trees in each...
  6. Daniel.Mav

    Full Sun?

    Do you really need full sun? Through experience I've noticed that the veg patch suffers during the hot summers. Would morning sun only be best or perhaps some afternoon sun. But for some reason full sun just doesnt agree with the plans here in summer. What's everyones experience with this?
  7. Daniel.Mav

    New Land New Garden

    Hey folks, I am building on some new land out at green bank spring mountain and finding it difficult planning for my next garden. The block is 3600m2 at 40m x 90m with minimal slope to the left side. H1 type soil and the block is oriented to the north west. The house will be 10m from the front...
  8. Daniel.Mav

    Dan's Garden Journal

    All cleared now it just needs a dressing of compost dynamic lifter and clay breaker! Then I can start planting. Going to buy seedlings this time...I don't think I have enough time to start via seeds, what do you think? I'm planning on planting - Kale, tomato, cabbage, peas, beans, beetroot...
  9. Daniel.Mav

    Show me your native bees!

    I've recently started to try and attract as many native bees to my patch as I can! I snapped this pic while weeding. I may need to try and build some little boxes for them! Please post your pics of - Native bees in your garden - Your DIY bee hives - Plants you use to attract then
  10. Daniel.Mav

    Dan from Brookwater

    Hi all, I'm Dan I'm a primary school Teachet and my wife and I just had our first child - Grace 5 weeks ago. We live in the Ipswich area in Brookwater. I have a 800m2 block in suburbia. We currently have 4 chooks and a lab. Would love to have ducks, quails, fish and goats one day...maybe when we...
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