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  1. LissyBee

    Termites in Gardens

    Hey all, we not long bought a beautiful home with plenty of yard for gardens plus established 'pottager' garden. However! sadly we discovered one of our weeping peach trees eaten out by termites!...Big wind gusts brought down the tree.... Now we have pest control dude coming to inspect for...
  2. LissyBee

    Yay! finally, new home and new garden patch to potter in!

    Yay! finally, new home and new garden patch to potter in!
  3. LissyBee

    Greetings from Toowoomba QLD!

    Hi Andrew, currently we have a wide selection, bear with me while I type it out. Kale, carrots, beans, mustard greens, celery, onions ( 2 varieties), spring onions, lettuces. a lot of spinach, just planted a new batch of seedlings for a 'climbing spinach' shrub, I will find a pic and post when...
  4. LissyBee

    Greetings from Toowoomba QLD!

    Hello, My name is Lisa. My partner Dan and I are novice to medium gardeners that grew from the necessity to grow our own food, save some money and still feed our tribe! We both enjoy learning about plants, gardening and harvesting. Both our parents were avid gardens on large blocks and have...
  5. LissyBee

    Dragon Fruit And Lady Finger

    I was gifted one plant and bought another to try out. Still in pots at present and working on best way to position them. Great success on your harvest! Hope to have similar results. Mine are only small and have yet to grow big enough to fruit.